Luzhou Laojiao lowers RPO 60%, RTO 50% with modern disaster recovery

Modern disaster recovery, automation that improves operational efficiency and data protection across disparate locations and data centers. Luzhou Laojiao found comprehensive data security with Commvault.

One of the oldest distilleries in China, Luzhou Laojiao is going through a significant digital transformation. Data generated from production and operation has become a critical asset for Luzhou Laojiao to make business decisions.

Virtual machines, applications and databases drive the business. The previous backup method was using scripts or self-contained tools but failed to secure or recover the data effectively.

The switch to Commvault supports multiple backup requirements and protects data across disparate locations and data centers with a unified data management platform. Commvault software backs up and de-duplicates data to multiple local disaster recovery data centers. The Commvault software also validates the effectiveness of data backup by automating data backup and recovery drills.

With Commvault, Luzhou Laojiao has seen

- 85% increase in backup success rates
- 90% improvement in recovery rate
- 60% faster disaster recovery speed
- 60% lower RTO
- 50% lower RPO

The previous RTO was a day, now it is lowered to the hour and minute level.

Zhang Ping, Director of Digital Development Center, Luzhou Laojiao, says Commvault ensures data security, plus frees up IT staff to spend more time managing other complicated operations and less maintenance is required for data protection.

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