Ransomware Attacks with Zero Data Loss at the State of Colorado

When the SamSam ransomware virus infected 1,300 workstations and 300 servers at the State of Colorado, it became a disaster recovery event affecting citizen services. With Commvault data protection and the State of Colorado data recovery plan, the virus was isolated to a single department, and all servers were able to be restored with zero data loss. Ransomware attacks can affect state and local governments’ uptime and data availability, delaying services to citizens. Before implementing Commvault data protection, Don Wisdom, Senior Director of Infrastructure Operations described the State of Colorado as “not ready” for data disasters. Now with Commvault data protection, the state government IT department is ready for anything—whether that means ransomware, natural disasters, or human error—and ready to share their story of success in the face of a terrorist ransomware virus. To summarize: “it's important that you have confidence in recoverability. With the certainty that your organization is data ready, you are putting more time into innovation to help your organization deal with today’s security challenges through plans, processes, protocols, ways to mitigate risk and ways to respond to events. Think about your data, think about your storage, think about your options, and get yourself ready.” Learn more at www.commvault.com/ransomware